This site is designed and maintained by Subhendu Das. The author can be reached at the email address: subhendu.das@excite.com

The objective of the site is clear in the title – to inform the readers that the uncertainty principle, which is considered as the foundation of quantum mechanics, is wrong. The general philosophy is that every math and science theory is based on assumptions; but as we all know, nature cannot and does not make any assumptions; thus the uncertainty principle has to be wrong for nature.

We investigate the assumptions that Heisenberg has made in his book: “Heisenberg, W., The physical principles of the quantum theory, Translated in English, Eckart, C. & Hoyt, F.C., Dover publications, University of Chicago, (1930).”

Read all sections or the sections that interest you. There are comment buttons in all places to express your thoughts. Please add your comments and help to make it understandable, error free, and rich, for all the readers on the internet. Without your help this cannot become a worthwhile site.

First Published: 15 September, 2012

Last Updated: December 2016


A major part of this blog site is available in PDF and other formats, as a chapter in the free book on Soul Theory. You can download it free from:

PDF: download from anyone, both have same file.
Wordpress site: soultheory-23nov2016




Subhendu Das also manages the following blog sites and YouTube videos. All of them are extracts from the Soul Theory book. Some of the blog sites provide more details. The videos are short and provide only high level summaries.

YouTube Videos

Soul Theory L5 :: Moneyless Economy (MLE); 2:48

Soul Theory L4 :: Destiny – a Law of Nature; 3:59

Soul Theory L3 :: What is TRUTH; 2:47

Soul Theory L2 :: Only 1% knows the TRUTH; 2:28

Soul Theory L1 :: Read the Book;  0:11

Blog Sites



Soul Theory:


Money-less Economy:


Quantum Mechanics:





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